About the Video4Change Network


What is Video for Change?

Video for Change is the use of video to support social movements, document human rights violations, raise awareness on social issues, and influence social change. Video for Change is fast becoming a key element of campaigns and social movements.

The Video4Change network is a group of organisations using video to affect social change. The network is membership based and was founded at an event in June 2012 in Indonesia.

Projects and Activities

Developing video4change Materials

We have developed manuals on different aspects of video advocacy.


Video for Change Impact Research

Working with the University of Western Sydney, the MIT Center for Civic Media and Open Documentary Lab the Video4Change network has been conducting research to gather lessons learned from Video4Change members on the design and evaluation of impact in Video for Change. The project published the first version of the toolkit in early 2016.

The first stage of the Video for Change Impact Research has been concluded and its results published. In 2014, the second stage was begun. Updates on the research can be found here.

v4c.org Development

We are working to fully develop this site to reflect the Video4Change network activities, to promote the work of video activists and organisations, and to share information, resources, materials on video advocacy. We envision this space as a broad umbrella bringing together Video for Change practitioners globally.

v4cv4c.org builds and collects resources, materials, and guides to support the work of video activists and video trainers. We have a "Resources" section where visitors can find curated materials on a range of video advocacy and video-making processes such as Video for Change Strategies, Planning Your Video, Video DistributionSafety and Security, and Mobile Video.

Video4Change Network Governance Document

This document represents the first full articulation of the video4change network’s structure, processes and decision making. It is as such a work in progress, but also a strong first iteration to build upon.

We work towards these aims and others under the spirit of trust, collaboration, openness, and accountability underpinning the foundational network values of human rights, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Video4Change Gatherings

The network has hosted four regional gatherings in Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, and Turkey. Through these gatherings, we aim to extend the learning, insight, community-building, and fun that the Video4Change Network had in the retreat in 2012. For more information on the video4change gatherings, go here.


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