EngageMedia is a non-profit media, technology and culture organisation. We use the power of video, the internet and free software technologies to create social and environmental change. We believe independent media and free and open technologies are fundamental to building the movements needed to challenge social injustice and environmental damage, as well as to provide and present solutions.

EngageMedia works with independent filmmakers, video activists, technologists, and campaigners to generate wider audiences for their work, demystify new video distribution technologies, and create an online archive of independent video productions using open content licenses.

Organisational Aims

The core aims of EngageMedia are to:

  • assist individuals and groups, producing thought-provoking and informative media focussed on social and environmental issues, to distribute their work;
  • develop the digital media and Internet skills of independent multi-media producers and marginalised communities;
  • foster a regional network of producers, to assist each other in producing and distributing their work in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • and produce an online media delivery platform under a free software license that others are free to use and modify for their own media projects.
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