Organisation for Visual Progression

The Organization for Visual Progression (OVP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing individuals and organizations working for social justice with opportunities to create and utilize visual media in their campaigns. 

Our goals are threefold

  • To amplify voice
  • To amplify issues
  • Facilitate alternative media infrastructures 

Amplify voices
We amplify voices by offering intensive video production trainings to civil society organizations working to bring about progressive social change. OVP also supports participants in the production and distribution of visual media productions.

Amplify Issues

We amplify marginalized issues by collaborating with grass roots organizations in the creation, distribution, and contextualization of visual media productions. 
Alternative Communication
Visual media in particular can help to initiate and support sustainable dialogue between and within communities that may be divided by geographical, cultural or economic barriers. Collaborative visual media trainings and production programs can also be instrumental in connecting local citizen groups with established professional circles. 

To support alternative communication, OVP seeks to:

  • Equip people with visual media skills through comprehensive training
  • Initiate and support sustainable grassroots production and screening programs
  • Develop curriculum to help streamline integration of marginalized issues into academic institutions
  • Initiate collaboration with partner groups and present productions to target audiences




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